Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Winter Blues

I am so sick of winter. I am so over it, it can go away now. But sadly I know it is not over yet as we will be getting another snow storm later on this week.  It has not been fun at all it has been either too cold or I have been dealing with broken toes which I might add have finally healed. But just as I am ready to get back into working out I have thrown my back out, I think that this is the worst I have ever hurt it and with the smallest movement ever. I just feel like everything is against me. The weather, my body.

It just sucks

.I feel like going to sleep and waking up when the snow is melted and my body is in perfect working order. Maybe the animals that hibernate are on to a good thing maybe we should all go to sleep in the winter and wake up in the spring, just think of how skinny you would be from not having to eat all those holiday goodies and dinners. Yes lets skip Halloween, Winter holidays, Valentines Day, and Easter because you spend the rest of the year trying to work off all the junk you have indulged in during those times.

But I am not going to let this get me down I will be back at this full force as soon as I am better in the mean time I will just keep watching what I eat, which I have slipped on a little but will be doing better at as soon as I get my menus planned for the next 2 weeks. I didn't make a meal plan for the last 2 weeks and I really felt the affects of not being prepared, and how truly important it is to plan everything.

Thanks for reading