Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 2

I didn't lose anything this week but I have lost 4.5 inches off my body in the last two weeks. So I am pretty happy with that. I can feel the difference in my clothing, things are starting to fit better. My stomach is getting flatter slowly. and my face  is thinning out There were a lot of people on the challenge that were bummed this week about losing little or no lbs until I told them to go measure themselves a lot were surprised to find that they had lost inches. Saturday was a hard day for me I didn't get my meals in properly and had horrible cravings for stuff. I am glad that I didn't act on them. I am starting to realize that I have to keep myself on a schedual on the weekend. If I don't want to get off course and cause self sabotage. I am getting really bored I feel like climbing the walls I just want to get a good cardio workout in so bad. I did manage to do my grocery shopping on my own though today so that was good I was able to lift bags and totes and bring them in and down the long hallway to my apartment that felt good. I re-injured my toes on Friday afternoon after I accidentally kicked a floor fan, so now my recovery has been set back a little. 

Thats about all for this week see you next week!


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