Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Sugar Monster

I have been living clean with out sugar for over a month. I have used honey and agave nectar to sweeten things and very little of them. We have swapped cake and cookies for apples and oranges salty crunchy chips for celery with peanut butter, or crisp crunchy veggies My whole family has gotten used to not eating refined sugars. I have seen the possitive affects of our new lifestyle.......
Yesterday was Valentine's Day and The Sugar Monster came out of hiding.......
I made really decadent cookies for my daughter for her school party plus there was a few extra for home. My son came home bouncing off the walls from his party, my daughter came come crashing and my youngest was horribly lazy and moody. They would not cooperate with me, they were very emotional, crying at the littlest things, yelling and screaming at one another. I too had had a few cookies and did not eat properly yesterday. I felt so angry and I thought that I was going to explode at the littlest things.
I never want to feel like that again. my kids don't want to feel like that either. I told them that we are not going to eat that junk again. I never realized what a negative affect sugar has on one persons body. Thank goodness today is back to normal. I am throwing out the rest of the cookies that are in the house. we don't need those in our bodies! 


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