Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 4

Happy Valentines Day  Everyone!

Today is my cheat day, although I feel really guilty about it. I have  been doing so good. I am down another 3 lbs this week I have also lost a total of 7.75 inches off my body. I swam laps in my mom's pool for over an hour on the weekend and I am going to finally do my fitness challenge this week. I was finally able start wearing other shoes other than my runners which I am very happy about! I wanted to walk to school today but the kids had temper tantrums and were dawdling really badly today. but tomorrow is another day and I am going to have to work off this Valentines day dinner and the chocolate milk chocolate chip and toffee bit cookies( yes all that is in one cookie) that I made and ate today . I had made them for my daughters class and she came home with extras i couldn't resist them I haven't had cookies in over a month and they were worth it. As I said that I am going to be working this off tomorrow I plan on doing an hour of cardio and  a 1/2 hour of strength training Turbo Jam here I come!  

Have a great week!


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